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One of the most common types of recycling near San Jose is usually done with beverage containers. In California, some beverage containers are known as California Refund Value, or CRV, recyclables. This means that if you bring the right containers to your CRV recyclers, they will pay back the refund value. Here is a brief look at what kinds of beverage containers can be recycled:

  • Containers made from aluminum, glass, and plastic are the most common and acceptable CRV recyclables.
  • Glass containers might include alcoholic drink bottles, such as wine, wine coolers, beer, and other alcoholic drink containers.
  • Aluminum containers include all soda products, coffee, and vegetable juice containers.
  • Plastic containers also include soda products, carbonated drinks, water, and fruit juice containers of all kinds.

Whether you are a CRV recycler or not, do research on the accepted products that recycling centers near you will take. The previous list contains the common recycled beverage containers, though some recycle centers may have restrictions or accept other recyclables.

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