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When learning more about non-ferrous recycling, it is important to note how many metals are easily recyclable. By knowing about zinc, copper, and aluminum near San Jose, consumers, business owners, and homeowners can become more aware of their carbon footprint. These important individuals can strive to recycle more of these non-ferrous metals and look out when purchasing items made from new metals.


Aluminum is the easiest metal to recycle for a few different reasons. It is the most plentiful metal found on earth, making it an ideal metal for use in packaging, construction, and transportation manufacturing. The cost of recycling aluminum, which can be used an infinite amount of times, is less than producing new aluminum with raw materials. Aluminum can also be recycled and reused within 60 days, making it one of the fastest metals used in the recycling process.


Copper is one of the most sought-after metals in recycling. Scrap copper can hold up to 95% of its original value. It also requires much less energy to recycle than it does to extract virgin copper. It is used in electrical components, plumbing fixtures, and common household items.


Recycled lead is most often used in car batteries and for radiation protection while taking an X-ray. Previously, it has been used in coloring ceramics and paints, though this is uncommon now. When industries use recycled lead instead of the fresh ore, they can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 100%.


Zinc is another recycled metal often found in car batteries. It is commonly used in the galvanization process to protect iron and steel from corrosion. Zinc also contributes to the production of brass by alloying with copper.


Tin is an extremely expensive metal, which makes its recycled form very important to maintain low costs in production. Producing new tin is also very expensive as it requires almost 99% more energy than the production of recycled tin products.

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