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If you recycle in San Jose on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, then opening a Z-Account may be exactly what you need. Having a Z-Account when you head to the recycle center will get you your money quickly and much more efficiently.

Z-Accounts are for businesses and private parties who recycle regularly with Recycling Specialists. Instead of waiting the customary three business days to receive the money for your non-ferrous or CRV recyclers, you can have your money on the same day you drop off your recyclables. With a Z-Account, you will have the choice of receiving your payment in cash or check. There will be no disruption or waiting when you drop off your recyclables and tell your recycling technician you have an active Z-Account. Opening a Z-Account is easy and requires only a simple form to be handed in to your recycling technician. Sign up for your Z-Account today to start making quick cash right away.

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