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Aluminum cans are some of the most prevalent recyclables on the planet. Aluminum is so easily recycled and reprocessed into new cans that a recycled can will be back on the shelves in as few as 60 days. Watch the video to see how aluminum cans near San Jose are made.

After aluminum has been melted down and recycled, it is combined into one solid sheet. From this sheet, thousands of cans can be made. Various machines can cut out and reform a 14-centimeter circle into an almost-complete soda can. After the cans are formed, they are cleaned with two different solutions. The label is then added on with a varnish to create a clean, cohesive look. Varnish is also added to the inside of the can to protect the liquid from tasting like metal. Once the cans are mostly complete, they are sent to the soda companies for completion.

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