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Scrap metal recycling near San Jose is an important practice that can benefit the entire community. Recycling your aluminum cans, copper, and other bits of metal contributes to the health of the environment. You can also make some extra money by visiting a recycle center when you come across scrap metal in your possession.

Free Up Landfills

Instead of throwing old bumpers away or sending broken appliances to the dump, send your scrap metal to a recycling center. Most metals can be recycled, usually in a process known as non-ferrous recycling, so there is no point to fill up landfills with recyclable materials. Landfills are meant for food and other organic waste products. If they become filled with aluminum and other metal scraps, then more landfills will need to be built to accommodate the waste.

Gain Extra Cash

Who does not want more ways to gain some extra cash? By donating scrap metal, specifically aluminum and copper, you can make a fair amount of money. The price of copper and aluminum can fluctuate according to the economy. However, if you have extra pieces of metal lying around your garage or shop, then you would be wise to recycle the pieces and see what you might be paid for them. Even recycling soda and food cans may bring in some extra cash.

Reduce Need to Mine

By contributing to metal recycling, you can help slow the need for metal mining. Many products and appliances are built using recycled metals, but there is still a call for more mining services. Mines can lead to significant environmental and health problems the longer they are allowed to be open. If every household, machine shop, and mechanic shop contributed to their local recycling center, the need for further mining operations could potentially lower and stop. Look at the various ways you can recycle to see how you can contribute to the mining problem and other environmental issues. If you are unsure of what to recycle, consult with your recycling center.

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