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Copper is one of the most valuable non-ferrous metals for recycling near San Jose. You can feel good about recycling your unwanted copper while making extra cash, because non-ferrous recycling benefits the planet in many ways. Keep reading for an overview on what you need to know about recycling copper.

What Can Be Recycled?

Copper and copper alloys such as brass have been recycled throughout history. Today, some of the most commonly recycled items include used building materials like copper plumbing and copper electrical wiring. Electronics with copper components also provide material that can be used to manufacture new copper goods. Copper is classified into different grades, depending on its purity. Electrical grade copper requires a high level of purity in order to conduct electricity. Lower grades of copper are also recyclable into valuable goods. The level of contamination and presence of other materials determines the most appropriate usage for copper that is being recycled.

What Determines the Market Value of Copper?

As with other metals, copper prices are largely determined based on the ratio of supply to demand. Many different factors can affect this ratio. Because copper is used so prevalently in new building projects and home remodels, a boom in the real estate market can cause copper prices to rise. Similarly, a glut of copper on the market, without a proportionate demand can cause copper prices to drop. The condition and purity of your copper will also factor into its value.

What Are the Benefits of Recycling Copper?

Non-ferrous recycling of copper and other metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and brass benefits the environment because it reduces the amount of material that is sent to the landfill. In non-ferrous recycling, unwanted material is given a new life as it is melted down and refabricated into needed objects and materials. Additionally, when you recycle copper, you help to conserve limited natural resources. Furthermore, fossil fuels are conserved when copper is recycled because the process of recycling copper requires significantly less energy than does the process of extracting copper from a mine.

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